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Narvel was born November 11, 1938 in Keiser, Arkansas and raised in Bernie, Missouri. His first guitar, which was held together with wire was acquired by trading his BB-gun for it. Working the cotton fields he saved $15 to purchase his second guitar. He won a talent contest in his high school singing Carl Perkin's "Blue Suede Shoes". A local DJ was present and Narvel shortly thereafter heard his name on the radio as the DJ said, "If Narvel Felts is listening, please contact KDEX immediately." Narvel ran into the house to tell his daddy and they drove to a phone 8 miles away to call the station where Narvel got his break. Roy Orbison, got Narvel his first recording deal with Sun Records. He's never stopped singing since and in over 50 years has only missed four shows; three were due to a case of laryngitis and one for the funeral of his son, Bub. His hits are numerous, his fans are countless, his never ending talent priceless. Above all, Narvel is a man of faith and integrity. The man and his music are alive and well and still going strong.





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