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This is expensive and ambitious project took a lot of planning, fund raising and support from museum members. We believe this is one of the most sought after request for research, education and pure enjoyment.


Many years ago, Allen Black, publisher, editor and one of the owners of the Malden Press-Merit spent years collecting all newspaper editions of Malden's paper. Mr Black was a true historian at heart and believed that all legal newspapers are the most important collection of history in the strictest sense.

After years of using his free time to collect all papers in the order of publication, Allen Black shipped each issue in boxes laid down in chronological order to the University of Missouri. The University Press bound the books in handsome hard covers and microfilmed each page of all published editions.

The years from 1901 to 1986 were included in this historical collection which will soon be available on this website.

Thanks to the many members who have supported this major project with donations and support.

We hope this new research capability will be exciting and help build our membership to new levels of excitement. Thanks to everyone for their support.

Our Dream For Our Members Has Come True!

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Allen Black March 15, 1925 - July 19, 2014

The Allen Black Newspaper Archives is a project that started over three years ago to allow visitors of our site to explore the past history of Malden, Missouri.

We are proud to announce that anyone can go to the Malden Historical Museum newspaper web page and search by name, date and events of Malden's past. These are legal newspapers and can be a verification for research purposes.

THERE IS A LIMIT OF FIVE USERS ON THE SITE. If you cannot enter the link please return to the site at a later time and click on the link below to use the archives.

DUPLICATE ROLLS ARE SHOWN. The museum inherited some extra rolls and during the conversion from microfilm to digital, those duplicates are included for research. Some original page scans at Missouri University are better then others for research. It would be too time consuming to compare which pages are better.

Donations and support will be necessary to keep the newspaper archives on our servers. Donate $1 and up if you use the archives for research, family history and just plain fun to search your name and events you remember living in Malden.

Below is an image First Edition of Malden Press - 1950

Allen Black moved to Malden after graduating from MO University Journalism School on the GI Bill after World War II. This newspaper archive would not be possible without his hard work and dedication to keeping the history of Malden alive for genertions to come.

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