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Compton & Newberry Concert

Entertainment At Its Best!

Thanks To All!

Dr. Dan Jackson. Volunteer for audio and lighting production.

A Wine and Cheese social gathering to meet Joe and Mike was held after the concert in the Malden Historical Museum.

Compton & Newberry

Mike Compton and Joe Newberry mine one of the more neglected segments of country music history, that period during the '30s and '40s when brother duet music was transforming into bluegrass. Both masters of the bedrock instruments of old time music, they collaborate with a vision that is both modern and ageless. These two traditional music veterans love to play together... and it shows!

"I loved growing up in Malden, and I look forward to seeing old friends and making some new friends, too, when Mike Compton and I come to play on Monday, Feb. 15 at the Bootheel Youth Museum Theatre!" ~ Joe Newberry


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